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Louie Voice Control: Free Android App to Control your Apps with Just Voice Commands

Louie Voice Control is a free Android app to control your other apps with just voice commands.

Louie Voice Control is an Android app that enables users with visual impairment to do each and everything within popular apps with just voice commands. Louie is designed keeping the special needs of the visually impaired in mind, as the founder Pramit himself is visually impaired. 

Just think of Louie as a virtual friend right on the phone screen. Just like a friend would, Louie does a continuous two-way interaction with the users while enabling the user to do each and everything within an App with just voice commands. 

The founder Pramit, being visually impaired, has built Louie to essentially solve his own problems. The motivation for building Louie came through a chance encounter with a sighted friend who was helping Pramit book an Uber. The same experience has been carried through in Louie Voice Control (refer video). 

See Louie in action:

What apps does Louie support?

Louie currently supports Uber, YouTube, WhatsApp, Contacts, Phone Calls and Text Messages. Many more apps are on the way. Louie will continue to build voice control for popular Apps across various aspects of a visually impaired’s life such as social media, food ordering, eCommerce, web search and browsing, emails and specific pain-points of a visually impaired. 

How is Louie Voice Control different from other voice-assisted devices?

You must be wondering how is Louie Voice Control different from Voice Assistants – Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri. There’s just no comparison. Voice assistants tend to be just too superficial; they will only do 2 or 3 things within an app and they have the habit of going silent all the time. In comparison, Louie will allow you to completely control apps with just voice commands and Louie does so in a continuous two-way human interaction something that every human needs. 

Louis Braille, the inventor of braille, is the inspiration behind the name “Louie”.   

Louie is also suitable for motor disabled, elderly people and hands-free lovers.

Louie is currently in Android and available on Play store for anybody to download. Technical feasibility for iPhone will be done next year. You can download it here from the Playstore.

Louie is a global App with users in 70 countries. The most important ingredient for Louie is the user feedback that completely drives product development and user experience. 

The founder Pramit is easily accessible and can be reached on email:  He invites you to share your feedback about this app. 

Louie in the News

Louie in News: