Make Your Own Sensory Space for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Make your own sensory learning space for students with multiple disabilities, CVI, and other significant challenges.

In my search for activities for a student who has been diagnosed with significant disabilities, as well as CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment), I decided to create a sensory learning space.
What I like about this type of sensory activity space is that it gives my student the opportunity to explore and learn independently.  Every movement gives him sensory feedback.  The items in the space are different textures, make noises when hit, or light up.  We also put soft music on for him to listen to.
student laying inside little room
Because funds are limited I decided to make my own sensory learning space with the following materials:
  • peg board
  • zip ties
  • plexiglass
  • fairy lights (my student’s preference is red)
  • items from our room to hang or attach on the inside
It cost less than $30 to make.
pegboard and plexi glassinside little room with lightlittle room
Sensory activity space collage