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Math Melodies: Free Accessible App

This free app is designed to help students with visual impairments in mainstream elementary math classrooms.

An updated version of the Math Melodies app is now in the App store.  This is a great FREE elementary math app that was created specifically for blind and low vision students in mainstream classrooms!  The app includes addition and subtraction problems, counting, sequencing, grids, tables, etc.  The app now fully supports the refreshable braille display and Bluetooth keyboard.  You can use VoiceOver or the read aloud option.  The app has been designed to maximize the spatial relationships of the math problems – students should be encouraged to drag their finger in order to learn more about the spatial layout.  Example:  The vertical math problems are set up with Ones column  and Tens column; students should drag their finger down the Ones column and insert their number before moving over to the Tens column.  The vertical math problems have added information to help students drag in a straight line (auditory clues if the student accidentally drags diagonally).  The story language has been updated for English (not an Italian translation); however, the directions for various problems have not yet been updated. The math problems are random – each time you go through the app, the problems change!
The app is a work in progress – future releases will include sample problems with directions, boxes to carry numbers/regroup numbers, additional higher levels of math problems, etc.  The group designing this app would like additional feedback and are working hard to improve this app and to make Math Melodies an example for other developers on how to create accessible math apps.  Please share this app with other Teachers of the Visually Impaired and with mainstream classroom teachers.
This app is not available on the iPhone.