Memor-i: An electronic educational game for children who are blind

Find out about new electronic games for children who are blind or visually impaired

SciFY is a non-profit organization that uses state of the art information technology to solve everyday real life problems. SciFY’s newest creations are a series of electronic games for children who are blind (Tennis, Tic-Tac-Toe and Curve). These have been well-received and the SciFY team has decided to create another game, this time with an educational twist:  a memory card game called Memor-i. To fund this game they have launched a crowdfunding campaign and are asking for help to make this a reality. 
This new memory game will be filled with related or identical audio cards that the child will match, similar to the classic American memory card game “Concentration”.  There is an option to make the game more complex by matching pairs, instead of identical sounds, such as “Paris-France” or the name of a musical instrument and its sound.  The possibilities are endless!  The games use audio interfaces for the blind and are designed to enhance education through the promotion of auditory skills, spatial orientation, social interaction, and other skills associated with the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). 
To spread the games more widely, all of the creations are distributed for free, they are offered under open source licenses, and the knowledge is freely shared.   SciFY will allow anyone to create and share new games for free, which will help create a “database” of games for all to use.  
Students playing tennis game on computer