Mnemonics for Identifying Tricky Braille Characters

This mnemonic device helps braille readers remember characters that are often confused.

By Anna Swenson

This “helper sheet” uses mnemonics to identify some of the most common reversals for beginning braille students. The letters f, d, j, and h are written clockwise in the four corners of the sheet and can be identified by reciting the sentence, “Friendly dogs jump high.”  The reversed characters e/i, r/w, and and/you appear in the middle of the sheet.  The student uses a short phrase to remember each pair. Attach a braille version of this sheet to the student’s desktop for easy reference. 

Short Phrases to Remember Each Pair:

f/d/j/h: Friendly dogs jump high.

e: Whee, down we go!

i: Climb high to the sky!

r/w: Right or wrong?

and/you: And you can do it!


Original f/d/h/j arrangement: anonymous
Adapted by Anne Spitz
Mnemonics collage