A Must-Read Section on Teaching Braille!

A 5-part series on teaching braille and promoting braille literacy

John Chester, VI and Sensory Learning Coordinator at King’s Academy Middlesbrough, UK, wrote a series of five articles for the online newsletter for RNIB.  These articles provide an introduction to braille, with tips and resources for teachers.

All five of the articles I wrote for the RNIB are hosted here:  Insight Online:  Braille

  1. The transition from Standard English Braille (SEB) to Unified English Braille (UEB)
  2. Braille for technical materials: Understanding the changes
  3. Creating Braille Resources
  4. Assessing braille literacy and progress

Assessing braille literacy and progress, which wraps up the 5-part series, begins with a look at tools for assessing reading ability, then moves to tracking progress, recording progress, giving feedback, finding inspiration, and links for further information.  There are some other useful articles about braille from other profesionals as well.

I am also developing a new braille reading and writing scheme called Random High, which can be found elsewhere on this site.

Collage of teaching braille series