NIMAC Stakeholder Input Needed for Research into the Accessibility Challenges of Digital Instructional Materials in K-12

NIMAC is conducting interviews and focus groups to better understand the current level of accessibility for students in K-12.

The Purpose

The National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) is working with Vision for Independence, LLC to conduct interviews and focus groups to better understand the current level of accessibility of digital instructional materials in K-12, the experiences of students who are visually impaired or print disabled when using these materials, and the challenges involved in making materials accessible to all students. 

Participant Criteria

Individuals from the six groups below will be selected to take part in a 1:1 interview or focus group. All activities will occur online using Zoom. Groups will be comprised of individuals from the United States or its territories: 
  • Individuals at K-12 publishers and educational technology companies that supply digital instructional materials and are knowledgeable about accessibility issues 
  • Procurement personnel from school districts, state departments of education, or schools for the blind
  • Braillists/transcribers who prepare braille versions of K-12 instructional materials
  • Ex Officio Trustees of the American Printing House for the Blind
  • Teachers of students with visual impairments
  • Special education teachers who work with either students with print disabilities or students with physical disabilities who require instructional materials in an alternative format 


How to Participate

Complete the consent form and brief demographic survey found here.

What Will Occur

Individuals selected for an interview will meet with a researcher for approximately 1 hour via Zoom. 

Individuals who are invited to join a focus group will meet with researchers and a small group of individuals in the same role as themselves. Focus group meetings will run approximately 90 minutes and occur on Zoom. 

What You Will Receive if You Participate

Each person interviewed or who participates in a focus group will receive a $25 Amazon or Target gift card.

The Researchers

Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum and Dr. Kathryn D. Botsford, are conducting the research study.


Who to Contact:

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum at
This research was approved by the Institutional Review Board at the American Foundation for the Blind.