Picture Books Plus

Picture Books Plus is a Dutch publishing company that can adapt picture books to make them accessible to children who are blind or visually impaired with braille and tactile graphics.

Picture Books Plus is a Dutch publishing company that adapts original picture books for young tactile readers.  All books include braille and tactile graphics.  They have created an English tactile version of “The Story of the Little Mole”, with text by Werner Holzwarth, and illustrations by Wolf Erlbruc.  They can deliver the books and total concepts in print and UEB. 

There are 3 main activities within the Picture Books Plus Foundation:
  • Research & Development
  • Solution-based Concepts
  • Complete products, books and auxiliary tools


Their website includes sections on:

  • Language Development (discussing ways to use these books with children who are blind or visually impaired)
  • Videos (in Dutch)
  • Books (available in English and Dutch)


Just in time for Christmas:  The Child in the Manger is now available.  This book, by Bette Westera and Robin Ottens, comes with:

  • the tactile print book with braille, black letters and tangible contrast illustrations, ISBN/EAN 978-94-92652-11-9
  • the reading manual with instructions for the person reading the story
  • a copper thurible (incense burner)
  • charcoal and a small bag with incense

Cover of The Child in the Manger  Manual for The Child in the Manger

Sample pages from The Child in the Manger


Text from Sample Pages:

The following day, Mary and Joseph leave the cave in Bethlehem.  They have another long journey ahead of them.  A road with lots of ups and downs.  But everything is different this time.  Mary is holding in her arms the baby Jesus, the infant king.  When he has grown up, he will one day turn the world upside down.

On a journey to a new beginning

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