Pre-Braille Assessment

This pre-braille assessment is designed to help teams to determine when students are ready to learn braille.

This assessment from TSBVI is designed to help educational teams to decide when a student is ready to learn braille.  The sections include:

1. Cognitive Concepts

a. Recognizes spatial relationships

b. Understands the meaning of basic words

c. Recognizes size relationships

d. Recognizes basic shapes

e. Recognizes different textures

f. Recognizes numeric relationships

g. Recognizes weight relationships

h. Recognizes movement

i. Recognizes time concepts

j. Recognizes sounds

2.  Motor Skills

3.  Tactile Discrimination

a. Recognizes tactile characteristics of objects

b.  Recognizes and interprets tactile stimuli

c.  Recognizes and interprets graphic information

4.  Language/Listening Skills

5.  Writing Skills

6.  Book Skills

Download the assessment

Pre-braille assesment collage