Primary Mathematics Resources Box

Resources for teaching mathematics to young children with visual impairments

List of Early Years / Primary Mathematics Resources

  • 100 squares either in enlarged print or overlaid in braille – adapt/make your own using velcro strips
  • A range of number lines and cards in enlarged print or overlaid in braille  – make and adapt own
  • Flip-chart number lines for single recognition – enlarged or braille (alternative to number fan for young braille users) 
Large print number fan
  • An individual number fan for the pupil – if child is partially sighted, matt ones are better than glossy.  
  • Large print number fan for class teacher (if child is partially sighted) 
  • Large learning clock (add tactile markings – adapt) 
  • A4 whiteboard 
  • Large print rulers – Early Stage Ruler
  • Braille watch 
  • Timer with speech access
  • Tactile dice 
    geometry mat and embossing tool
  • Set of 3D shapes 
  • Set of 2D felt shapes
  • Wikki Stix – RNIB or Hobbycraft
  • Bumpons – in a range of sizes, colours and shapes (eg square and circle). Great for points on maps, marking places on diagrams etc.
  • Geometry mat and embossing film, spur wheels (Amazon- Type in Overstitch-Leather-Perforating Roulette)
  • Tactile rulers and protractors and metre stick, tape measure with Braille measurements
  • Large display calculator and calculator with speech 
  • Cubarithm – ideal for showing an immediate demonstration of computation layout to a braillist –
  • Abacus 
  • Scarf Hanger  (£4.50)
  • Lazy Sue (£5.50)
  • Collection of square, rectangular trays 
  • Mouse mats for fraction activity 
  • Green circular mats for Maths activities 
  • Laptop tray – turned upside down to make work station 
  • Red chopping board (used for sorting activity) (2 x £1.00)
  • Large black A3 clip board 
pens and grid paper
  • Animal models – Schleich (Amazon) 
  • Shells – Amazon
  • Abacus beads – Amazon 
  • Tape used for dividing sections on chopping boards, (bath sealant edging – sticky back from B&Q)  
  • Shelving for supermarket from B&Q £20.00 for four shelves
  • Tile number square – floor tile – B&Q
  • Large containers (supermarket) empty protein builder product – health food shop
  • Small boxes various shapes – Wedding favour boxes 
  • Hello Kitty and Tea Set – B&M Bargains
  • Real coins
  • A range of beads in different shapes: snap beads, threading beads
  • Concrete counting resources such as Multilink 
  • A set of Lego
  • Sand, food colouring, water and a range of clear bottles/containers for showing capacity
  • Large squared exercise books (Partially Sighted Society Doncaster)
  • Sorting trays – different shaped counters, beads, bricks – Pound Shop
  • Elastic bands
  • Gripping stuff (Sticky memo strip or memo board, good to put on tray or on surface to stop activity moving around)
  • Fun animal buzzers – Learning Resources. 
  • Foam board used for number lines and tray interchangeable bases – Hobbycraft 
  • Thick straws with pumpkins – Hobbycraft (Hallowen time)

mathematics collage

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