Short Stories for Adults Learning Uncontracted UEB

Short Stories for adults learning uncontracted UEB

We get many questions from people looking for materials for adults who have recently lost their vision and are in search of braille materials.  This can be a challenge for those with progressive vision loss or adventitious blindness, as materials for beginning braille readers are typically geared towards 5 year olds and not adults.  We’re pleased to announce that Super Short Stories in Uncontracted Braille are now available from National Braille Press (NBP).  When adults are learning braille they often wish to read something in uncontracted braille that is of interest, and not geared toward Kindergarten students.  NBP has collected ten short stories that deal with adult themes.  They have collected stories from SmokeLong Quarterly ( and Every Day Fiction (, two online platforms dedicated to publishing original “flash fiction,” a genre of extremely short stories. The hope is to provide material interesting enough for adults to want to read through to the end!

Collage of short stories for adults learning uncontracted braille