Sight-Sim is a free online tool that allows users to simulate visual acuity and contrast sensitivity corresponding to the visual impairment of a particular individual.

Sight-Sim is a free online tool that simulates how things might looks to someone with a visual impairment.  Designed for families and people working with children with visual impairments, the site uses a child’s measurements of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity to alter images by the measured amount. It shows the original image and the altered image side-by-side, so that a person with typical vision can understand the level of the visual impairment.

You can use their library of images, or your own images. This allows users to individualize the simulation for a specific purpose for each child. For example, you could use pictures of the child’s own surroundings .such as stairs at home, their classroom, a textbook, communication system, or anything else they may struggle to access due to their visual impairment.

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