Spatial Math Added to BrailleBlaster

APH has added spatial math to the menu of Braille Blaster

APH (the American Printing House for the Blind) has announced that Spatial Math Formatting has been added to the BrailleBlaster.  It is the first—and only—software of its kind to offer automatic formatting for spatial math. This feature package includes tools for the creation of number lines, matrices, and templates for basic spatial equations. Simply fill in the numbers and BrailleBlaster translates and formats the spatial math for you. The spatial math text automatically updates, retranslates, and reformats when you switch from one braille code to another, just like the literary text features in BrailleBlaster.  

How Does the Spatial Math Editor Work?

Found under the Math menu, the Spatial Math Editor creates and edits number lines, matrices, and spatial equations. It also arranges multiple spatial items in rows and columns so that arrangements of plain text, matrices, and other spatial arrangements are created. It utilizes UEB numeric mode, Nemeth switch indicators, and many permutations of different types of spatial math. Spatial math can be inserted in UEB or Nemeth and automatically updates if the code is changed. Once inserted, it can be edited in two ways: by reopening the dialog with your cursor inside the math to be edited, or by right-clicking or using the context menu to select “Spatial Math Editor.”

What is BrailleBlaster?

BrailleBlaster is free braille transcription software created by the APH that makes transcription quick and easy through the use of automatic formatting tools. It simplifies the transcription process for transcribers and casual users alike, making braille readily available at a lower cost.  The Spatial Math Editor is specifically designed to make the creation of STEM materials in braille an easier process. APH invites you to try them out in BrailleBlaster under the Math menu and share your feedback, comments, and suggestions. 

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