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Spotlight Text App for Individuals with Low Vision

App to make an e-reader accessible to people with low vision.

Spotlight Text is designed to make e-books accessible to individuals with low vision.  Spotlight is uniquely designed for use with books downloaded from Bookshare’s library and the app is a free download on iTunes. Features include:
  • Access Bookshare’s 250,000+ collection of books (including best sellers and new releases).
  • Designed for maximum legibility
  • Multiple reading modes including one designed specifically for individuals with RP Constricted Field
  • Autoplay mode with customizable speeds
  • Increase or decrease font size to your desire
  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface
  • Unlimited Screen Size with Apple TV or Direct HDMI Contact


This short video shows a demonstration of how Spotlight works.


The news clip below shows two boys with low vision using Spotlight.  Low Vision Children Discover World of Books Through New Technology