Storage Idea for Picture Icons

Storage idea for picture symbols for students with low vision

Many of my students with low vision who are in life skills programs use pictures or picture icons for literacy and communication. Often there are so many different icons that the teachers have difficulty keeping up with them. This means that the cards get lost or destroyed and have to be remade.
A classroom I was in today has a unique storage method. The teacher puts the cards in a Ziploc bag and Velcro’s the bag to a wall of hanging carpet. The carpet was a remant that was left over from having her home carpeted. As you can see, she has them organized by categories. 
picture symbols in plastic bags
There are the larger ones for my student along side ones for other students without a visual loss. It’s a nice systematic way to keep up with them that’s out of the way and that the staff can retrieve quickly. 
picture symbols collage