Tactile Pattern Game

Ideas for creating a tactile matching or pattern game using a scarf hanger from IKEA

This resource is made using a scarf hanger from IKEA. It has a variety of uses; here a tactile pattern game is illustrated.

  • Simply stick the hanger onto a card background, or place on a white or contrasting background, depending on the child’s use of vision/tactile access requirements.
  • Position a range of shapes or textures in each circle area.
  • Provide the matching set of textures or shapes on a tray from which the child can pick one at a time and find its pair.
  • The game could be played with other children both sighted and non-sighted.
  • Children could make patterns, making a pattern along the top row for their peer to match on the next row. This could be done using soft and rough textures/textures with a sound, e.g. sandpaper, cellophane etc.
  • The resource could be used for counting, place numbers on card in each circle with an object alongside. E.g. the child reads the number four and then has to add four objects which are the same, or this could be extended to finding four different objects/finding four smaller objects etc.
  • (For younger babies, as long as the textures were securely held in place, it could be positioned on the floor for them to crawl over, experiencing a range of textures as they do so.)
  • It also makes a great visual skills wall hanging, hang shiny, bright objects and textures to explore.
  • Make a concept hanger e.g. add a range of chunky, bright coloured, interesting bracelets to explore whilst introducing B for Bracelet.

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