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Teaching Pinch Gesture for iPad

Wondering how to teach a pinch gesture on the iPad? Try this 3D printed device which reveals photos to surprise and motivate students with low vision.

By AT Neal

Some students have difficulty mastering the zoom pinch gesture on an iPad.  I created a solution to provide practice and motivation with a simple 3D printed device.  It reveals a small picture when you slide the two squares apart, which has been motivating for an energetic student with low vision who needed a more tactile approach to practicing the ever important zoom pinch gesture for the iPad.  It works best with multiple picture sheets underneath to surprise and motivate students.

3D printed pinch device
3D printed pinch device

Watch this video to see how it works.

This device is now posted on Tinkercad, so you can make your own!  

Collage of Teach the pinch gesture on an iPad