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Teaching Students to Label Photos of Graphic Aid for Mathematics

Students who are blind or visually impaired learn how to turn in their assignments using a graphing aid for mathematics

By Maureen Lewicki

Teach your students to take a photo of the graphics they make, and how to label the photo, so they can send it to their teacher.

I teach my students to take photos of the math graphs they make with the APH Graphic Aid for Mathematics (Catalog Number: 1-00460-01)

  • Put the graph on the floor.
  • Line up your toes to the edge of the graph mat. -Hold your elbows up against your rib cage, with your hands at waist level and hold the tablet or phone horizontally from the floor (perpendicular from your body)
  • Snap the photo.
  • To label it, with voice over on:
  1. With two fingers slightly apart, “Double tap” and “hold” for a few seconds.
  2. Listen for an audible notification and the label field will be open.
  3. Type in the description. Be specific: question 10, unit test 8, and the date.
  4. Save!
  5. Slide to the bottom of the screen and find “share.”
  6. Send to the teacher, yourself, and your TVI. Sending a copy to yourself makes it easy to find again in case the teacher claims you did not send it.

Sending it to their TVI reminds the TVI what a super student they are and lets him/her know the student is on top of the work!  Next time the student opens it, there will be that description to let them know what it is…awesome.

Graphic aid for math collage