Template for Organizing Annual Reviews

Template for organizing annual reviews, including assessments, meetings, and reports for students who are blind or visually impaired

This is a template I use to organize my thoughts and due dates all in one sheet for Annual Reviews.  
The columns are titled:
  • AR Date & time
  • Student
  • Assessments
  • Meet team    
  • Scores
  • Assess date
  • Write IEP by date
  • Related service due date (date when OT, PT etc need to have their data entered in the IEP)
  • ESY (Extended School Year) regression data
  • Pre CSE meeting with parents
  • Aide form
  • requesting aide, or articulating
  • Print IEP
  • IEP to parents
  • AR Date (I repeat this to catch my eye!)



  1. I color code the students.
  2. I enter in red font any special notes: transitions, assessments due, state tests if they are taking them, etc.
  3. I staple this in a planning calendar, and reference it constantly!
  4. When I add things in by hand I try to get all that entered as soon as possible into the word doc for back up.
  5. This has worked so well for me this year, preventing many panicky moments as to “when such and such is due.”

Annual Review plan

I have a colleague to thank for this idea: Jean O’Donnell, resource room teacher extraordinaire!