Texas Early Learning Pathways

Developmental milestones and related activities for young children birth to five years of age

Texas Early Learning Pathways provides an alignment of the Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines and the Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines.   This document highlights developmental milestones for children from birth to age 5 in the areas of social & emotional development, language & communication, cognitive development, and physical health & motor development.
As a guide for caregivers, parents, administrators, and staff developers, Texas Early Learning Pathways aims to do the following:
  • highlight important developmental milestones from birth to age 5
  • illustrate how very early development relates to subsequent school readiness
  • provide recommendations for activities and caregiver behaviors that support children’s healthy development
  • serve as a starting point for conversations about children’s growth and how loving, caring adults can support their development

Table of Contents

  • Pathways of Social and Emotional Development

    • Trust, Emotional Security, and Relationships with Others to Social Competence
    • Self-Awareness to Self-Concept
    • Self-Regulation to Self-Control


  • Pathways of Language and Communication 

    • Listening and Understanding to Language and Communication Development
    • Communication and Speaking to Language and Communication
    • Emergent Literacy to Emergent Literacy: Reading
    • Emergent Literacy to Emergent Literacy: Writing


  • Pathways of Cognitive Development 

    • Exploration, Discovery, and Memory to Science
    • Exploration, Discovery, and Memory to Social Studies
    • Exploration, Discovery, and Problem Solving to Mathematics
    • Imitation and Make Believe to Fine Arts


  • Pathways of Physical Health and Motor Development 

    • Health and Well-Being to Personal Safety and Health
    • Gross Motor to Gross Motor
    • Fine Motor to Fine Motor