Thai Video Clips to Share with Kindergarten Students Learning Braille and Their Families

These video clips are designed to familiarize families and young children with braille numbers 1-10 and the English alphabet.

During the pandemic of COVID-19 in Thailand, Chonnipa (Par), a teacher at Bangkok School for the Blind, Thailand, made the video clips below to teach kindergarten students and to advise parents who are working with their children at home. The first video clip is designed to teach students about the position of the braille dots to create braille numbers and the second video demonstrates the braille English alphabet . The videos are in Thai with English subtitles.  

Introduction to Braille Numbers

In this video, the teacher introduces the positions of the six braille dots using a pegboard and small pegs.  She then introduces the number indicator and explains how it is used to write braille numbers 1-10.


Introduction to English Alphabet in Braille

This video introduces the braille letters of the English alphabet.