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Therapy Tools Free App

Free iOS app that aids therapists and teachers in their everyday sessions with their students

TxTools by PediaStaff is a free collection of therapy tools to aid staff working with students in their sessions.   
The app has 4 built in tools:


Tally This screenshot



1.  Tally This: use this to keep an ongoing tally during lessons/activities/games; also has a timer




Percent Right Screenshot




2.  Percent Right: enter the answer (right or wrong) and the percent shows immediately.



Age Finder screenshot




3.  Age Finder: Perfect for determining ages for our reports we write! Also has a premature adjustment button….



IEP scheduler screenshot



4.  IEP Scheduler: I haven’t used this part yet…but it is supposed to count out the days to help calculate the exact date of upcoming IEPs, evals, etc.



txtool collage