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Free iOS app that aids therapists and teachers in their everyday sessions with their students

By Liz Eagan

TxTools by PediaStaff is a free collection of therapy tools to aid staff working with students in their sessions.   

The app has 4 built in tools:

1.  Tally This: use this to keep an ongoing tally during lessons/activities/games; also has a timer

Tally This screenshot
Use this to keep an on-going tally during activities or lessons.

2.  Percent Right: enter the answer (right or wrong) and the percent shows immediately.

Percent Right Screenshot
Use this to calculate automatically what percentage the child got right or wrong.

3.  Age Finder: Perfect for determining ages for our reports we write! Also has a premature adjustment button….

Age Finder screenshot
Automatically calculate a child’s age when you write reports.

4.  IEP Scheduler: I haven’t used this part yet, but it is supposed to count out the days to help calculate the exact date of upcoming IEPs, evals, etc.

IEP scheduler screenshot
Automatically calculate the date of the next IEP meeting, eval, etc.
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