Ti'Tains name with photos showing examples of how to use them like card tower connectors to build and to hold cards at a table.

TI’TAINS is an Innovative Tool to Use with Play while Learning

A new, unique, innovative, modular card holder, building and construction “toy” product that is called TI’TAINS.

Creator Howie Romans’ vision for TI’TAINS is to make “play” and “fun” even more accessible to everyone.

What are TI’TAINS?

TI’TAINS (Pronounced: TIE-tains, like “TIE-fighter”, from Star Wars) is a new, modular, card holder. TI’TAINS can be utilized with cards of all sorts such as playing cards, tabletop board game cards, or card game cards. It is a connector product that creates the ability to place cards, including flashcards, in braille and print. TI’TAINS allows kids and adults alike to create 3D, fully customizable, accessible, replayable, and immersive gameplay and learning experiences. Building and construction can take place creating opportunities for the imagination to make towers, castles, towns, and more.

TI'TAINS being used to connect blank flashcards to one another
TI'TAINS product is pictured. Small plastic squares with spaces in them to hold cards.

Spatial Concepts
TI’TAINS give the opportunity for practice in spatial concepts; this content is particularly challenging for tactile learners.

TI'TAINS connecting various flash cards in the shape of a tower

Braille Writing Cards
Braille cards can be placed on TI’TAINS for concept development.

Piece of paper with print and braille on it that is being connected with TI'TAINS

TI’TAINS can be used to make charts that have print and/or vocabulary cards or various textures, raised line shapes, and more. Howie is dedicated to making learning fun for all.

Little girl playing with disney princess cards and using the Ti'TAINS to keep them upright.