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UEB Prep App

UEB Prep is a a free app designed to teach Unified English Braille (UEB) to people who are sighted.

UEB Prep is a free app for the iPhone that is designed to teach Unified English Braille (UEB) to people who are sighted.  Created by Holly Lawson of Portland State University in collaboration with their Computer Engineering department, UEB Prep “walks users through the process of learning braille by introducing basic concepts like the alphabet and progressively moving towards contractions, wordsigns, and more. Users reinforce course content by moving through interactive exercises including multiple choice questions, reading translations, and fill-in-the-blank problems. Learners can also use a built-in braille keyboard to braille individual words and full sentences, which allows for practical practice and deeper learning in a fun and engaging way. Other features like accessible games and a math curriculum will be released in the future as well!”

Braille for You and Me is the first course, which is designed for families.  It includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Braille Cell and letters a-j
  • Lesson 2: Letters a-k
  • Lesson 3: Letters u-z
  • Lesson 4: Capitalize and Punctuate It!
  • Lesson 5:  1-2-3 Look at Me!  Braille Numbers
  • Lesson 6:  Look Ma, Real Words! – Wordsigns
  • Lesson 7:  Staying Strong – Strong Contractions
  • Lesson 8:  Hey Shorty — Shortforms
  • Lesson 9: “Talk to Me” — More Punctuation
  • Lesson 10:  Group Hugs — Group Signs
  • Lesson 11: More Shortforms
  • Lesson 12: Hold Me Still — Strong Wordsigns
  • Lesson 13: How Low Can You Go? — Lower Wordsigns
  • Lesson 14: Jack and the Beanstalk — Lower Groupsigns
  • Lesson 15: Just Because We Can — Even More Groupsigns

Braille for You and Me

Find out about the background of the project.

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