Using a Dry Eraser to Highlight Braille Dots

Video demonstrating how to use a dry erase eraser to highlight braille dots in an interpoint braille book

The video shows an embossed interpoint braille book, which is hard for sighted teachers and assistants to read visually.  A dirty/well used Expo dry erase eraser is used to highlight the braille, making it easier to read using vision.

“Interpoint braille” means that the book has braille on both sides of the page.  This takes up less space and is not difficult for tactile braille readers, but it can be tricky for someone who reads braille visually.



Transcript of Video

This is a sample of interpoint braille.  Many teachers of the blind and visually impaired and the paraprofessionals that work with students who are braille readers have difficulty reading interpoint braille.
I’m going to demonstrate a technique that makes the reading of interpoint braille easier using an Expo dry erase eraser that’s already dirty.   You simply take the eraser and run it down the page and then bring it left to right across the page and, as you can see, it makes reading interpoint braille really easy.
One of the things I like about this method is these dry erase erasers are often available in most classrooms.  It’s also cheap and readily available and it doesn’t make a mess.   It will not smear or transfer onto the student’s hands when they read it.