Visionquest Basekit that includes a guidebook and real object pictures that coordination with the actual objects

VistaQuest BaseKit: A Resource for CVI

The BaseKit is a kit that is filled with activities and "Trail Guides" to go along with the activities. These "Trail Guides" show how to implement strategies conducive to working with a child with CVI.

How the BaseKit Came To Be

By Kristin Gault, TVI

In my experience being a Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI), many school staff members have not been provided information on cortical/cerebral visual impairment (CVI)  and how to recognize this condition and support students who have this diagnosis.

Cortical/Cerebral visual impairment has been a passion of mine for some time now. I have been working on a project for the last several years called a BaseKit. The BaseKit is a kit that is filled with activities and “Trail Guides” to go along with the activities. These “Trail Guides” show how to implement strategies conducive to working with a child with CVI. As the child gains visual skills, the “Trail Guides” move on to alternative “Trail Routes” that then build on those visual skills. The BaseKit includes an explanation of what CVI is, as well as resources for families and educational teams. My website,, has more information about the BaseKit. 

I started working on this during COVID for many reasons. There is a lot of attention put on the assessment piece of CVI, but I felt there was something missing with how to start with the intervention. In my experience, many TVI’s feel inadequate in working with their students with CVI. You also have educational teams, along with families, who do not understand what CVI is or how it can affect the child. I wanted to put something together that would support the TVI’s providing knowledge about CVI, along with activities and strategies to implement right away. 

Materials Included:

  • Manual: Thorough information and instructions
  • Forms: Templates ready to complete to track progress; print additional copies as needed
  • Trail Guide cards
  • Batteries 
  • Large piece of black cloth
  • Clipboard with black backdrop
  • Drawstring bag to carry items
  • Activity items: Over 20 items; Each item selected to address more than one sensory modality (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory); More than 200 activities possible with these specific items. Several examples of the items are listed below next to one of the corresponding sensory modalities:
    • Visual: Red bird, Slinky, Pinwheel
    • Auditory: Music Box, Pop Tube, Bells
    • Tactile: Therapy Putty, Head Scratcher, Textured Cloth Squares
    • Olfactory: Essential Oils
    • Many, many more!

For more information, to contact VistaQuest, or to order the BaseKit click here

VistaQuest BaseKit a Resource for CVI title with a photo of the kit that includes pictures, objects (cardinal bird, slinky, mylar ribbon, bag of items) and a teacher guidebook.