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Word Bubbling Tool for Teaching Students with CVI

This word bubbling tool helps to support and promote literacy with students with CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment).

The word bubbling tool is designed to assist in literacy education for students with CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment). It was developed under the guidance of Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy who originally developed the technique.

Students can benefit from this tool but it is important to understand how and why it is used for optimal learning.

Why We Use Word Bubbling

We use word bubbling when we want to highlight the shape of a word and make it easier to see. When using this tool, we need to think of our student’s needs and the most effective way to present materials. Some students memorize the shape of the word which helps them see the shape and recognize the word.

Highlighting everything in word bubbling is not the answer. Collect data on font size, paper vs. iPad/screen use, contrast preferences, and fatigue factors. Also be aware, if all the words on a page are bubbled, then you are not making a specific word an area of focus.

Some students can “graduate” to just underlining a word to ground it. This makes the word not seem to be floating in space and is another tip to help students visually engage better.

Use Words That are Meaningful to Students When Starting

Letters are the foundation to making words and you can use bubbling for letter shapes. Once students have an understanding of letters, then they may be ready for word recognition. Starting with a student’s name is usually recommended. Then move to sight words and words that are important to that student. Talk about the shape of the name: is it long/short, does it have tall letters, do any letters fall below the other letters?

The word "Mom" in bold print with a black background and red bubbling around the word.

Try it out now!

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Word Bubbling Tool for Teaching Students with CVI title with an example of word bubbling that states, "Roman Word Bubbling" with a red bubble around it.