Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Coffee Hour with TSBVI Outreach

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These free discussions will be led by the staff of the Outreach Department of Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) and will be held via Zoom.  Each session will focus on a different topic.  See the latest schedule!

Please note that the Zoom links now change every day because of the need to increase the size of the rooms.

Here is the schedule so far (subject to change):

Wed. 4/1:   Engaging with Families

Fri.   4/3:    Supporting Students from a Distance

Mon.  4/6:   Active Learning Discussion

Wed.  4/8:    Emergent Literacy and Motor

Fri.   4/10:    Virtual Home Visits (0-3)

Mon.  4/13:  CVI Phase 1 Discussion with Sara Kitchen and Lynne McAlister 

Wed.  4/15:  Emergent Literacy and the Importance of Concept Development with Renee Ellis and Cyral Miller

Friday 4/17: Orientation and Mobility Remote Learning with Chris Tabb

Mon.  4/20:  Active Learning Discussion:  Gross Motor

Wed.  4/22:  Emergent Literacy and Language

Friday 4/24: Distance Braille Instruction with Kate Borg 

Mon.  4/27:  CVI Discussion (Phase II)

Wed.  4/29:  Emergent Literacy, Reading and Writing

Fri. 5/1:        Reflection and Discussion on Remote Learning for MIVI and Deafblind Students

Mon.  5/4:    Active Learning Discussion

Wed.  5/6:    Supporting Literacy with Adaptive Books

Fri.   5/10:    Transition Planning Starts with Interests with David Wiley

Mon.  5/11:  CVI Discussion

Wed.  5/13:  Keyboarding:  When, What, and How?

Mon.  5/18:  Active Learning Discussion

Wed.  5/20:  ONH teaching Strategies

Wed.  5/27:  CVI Discussion

Fri.   5/29:    Fun Activities with Optical Devices


View the chats and handouts from the sessions.  (Some, but not all, have been recorded.)


Collage of Coffee Hour with TSBVI

Posted on April 1, 2020
Updated on: April 30, 2020