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Lucky Dip Braille Activity

lucky dip activity items
This is a fun activity to support knowledge of braille contractions and initial letter sounds.  In this braille lesson, students will make a "lucky dip" into a box filled with objects, pull out an object, and match the item to the correct word label, or correct contraction. 

You will need: 

  • Box covered in wrapping or textured paper, labelled ‘Lucky Dip’ 
  • Polystrene shapes, or packing materials to fill box with 
  • Objects to place in the Lucky Dip Box 
  • A shallow tray 
  • Velcro 
  • Gripping stuff – laid in base of tray 
  • 6 plastic CD circles (from ends of CD pack) or cut out cardboard 
  • circles, positioned / stuck down on the tray with a piece of gripping 
  • stuff cut out and placed in the middle of each 
  • Set of braille labels with Velcro attached to back of each positioned on each circle on the tray, using Velcro

lucky dip activity



A simple fun game of ‘Lucky Dip’ the child puts their hand in the box and rummages around until they find an object, pulling it out of the box as they do. 
Child reads each braille label positioned on the tray and on finding the one that matches the object, places the object on the middle of the circle. 
Objects may focus on an initial letter sound or on using a specific contraction being taught e.g. paint, pin, tin, sheet, shape, shell. 


Child could braille the labels to add to the circles as they find the objects from the box. 
The child could place find 6 objects in the box, write labels on the braille writer and ask a friend to play the game. 
There could be 5 objects using one particular contraction and one object which doesn’t carry any contractions - the child picking out the odd one out.


lucky dip collage


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Cool Idea

Posted by Caitlyn

Always love your ideas Gwyn! 

Posted by Liamsmom

Posted on April 25, 2014
Updated on: February 8, 2018

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gwyn52 commented on April 28, 2014

You are most welcome to the ideas and I love to share and especially like doing that on Paths to Literacy, a fantastic website. I have been demonstrating many of Positive Eye's resources today on a Braille course, they are all fully adaptable. This resource could easily be done with shapes, textures, sounds, initial letter sounds, numbers. I think the important point is to maximise the learning opportunities, milk them for all their worth. Checking we have squeezed all the learning from the activity. I know in the UK we find that tricky as curriculums move at such a fast pace and often the children we support need more time to process and understand, it is a challenge for us at times. 


Liamsmom commented on April 27, 2014

Always love your ideas Gwyn!  Thanks for sharing and keep the ideas coming:)   I love how this activity could easily be adapted for different levels and needs....

Caitlyn commented on April 26, 2014

Cool idea