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In Praise of the Slate and Stylus

Slate and stylus

In her blog post for National Braille Press, Rebecca Blaevoet shares a defense of the slate and stylus with its versatility and universality.  She lists some of the things she uses it for, and notes that it has just as much of a role as a pencil and paper do for people who use print.





Posted by Liz Eagan Satter

Slate and stylus

Posted by TactileGraphics

Posted on June 25, 2014
Updated on: February 8, 2018

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TactileGraphics commented on June 30, 2014

Great anecdote about the new car, Liz! As a silly sidebar, the slate and stylus can also be a fun way of inducting middle-schoolers, (and the young at heart) into the world of code. I had a sighted friend who wrote an entire science paper on Galileo with each letter backwards, after having seen a slate and stylus and taking a page from Galileo's book, seemingly.

Liz Eagan Satter commented on June 26, 2014

I agree! The slate and stylus are very important tools that are frequently overlooked. I've heard others in my profession call it an outdated tool. I disagree! It's light weight and can be taken anywhere. I have had my students carry one wherever they go along with some notecards as they never know when it will be needed. One father called me to thank me as his son was able to write down a number for him while they were out and about using the slate and a result, the mom got a new car. It is such a handy tool and I wish more would teach this valuable tool.