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Summer Homework for Beginning Braille Students

summer homework collage
As the school year ends, children will be enjoying their days without the school routine. We know that often times students lose some of what they learned over the summer. I am hoping to help students maintain skills by assigning homework over the summer.
For my student learning braille, we are just finishing lesson 3 of unit 1 of the 1st grade Building on Patterns curriculum. Of the contractions she's now been exposed to, I've created braille practice books for her to read...13 in all. Attached is a document with the 5 page "stories" for the contractions with the title page containing the contraction alone. Since my student has some usable vision, each page has an image...either from the internet or one I have taken of her. The images are specific to my student's interests. I also underlined in the printed text of the story the contractions used so as the parent assists their child, they can refer to the underlined words to assist them if necessary. I created flashcards for the contractions as well.

Not Far from Home book cover

Then there's the braille production piece. I've created 12 assignments based on what braille symbols she has been held accountable for producing thus far. The lessons are short...4 or so lines. It is not designed to be a full lesson, just a review of sentences we've already brailled to retain skills. NOTHING NEW IS INTRODUCED. Creative writing lessons are thrown in to help facilitate this process since doing this activity in braille is still relatively new to her.
Click here to see the braille "stories" using contractions.
braille "stories" using contractions
Click here to see the braille production homework. 
 braille production homework
container containing all 13 brailled practice reading books, braille paper, braille production assignments, and the wooden box with 2 braille cells
box opened up with the braille cells up in use.

Collage of summer braille homework


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Shut the Front Door

Posted by Janice

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Posted by Liz Eagan Satter

Posted on May 12, 2018
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Liz Eagan Satter commented on May 31, 2014

How much time...probably a couple hours. I didn't really keep track. The hardest part for me was writing the "stories" and then finding the images for them. Had to rewrite a couple so I could include a better picture. I do not have a brailliest, so I brailled 8 books one weekend and 5 the next. Trimming the books and binding them took more time then brailling them. Yes, I think the parent will follow through as she has been great over the school year completing the homework I've been sending home. My expectations of the student is that we can pick up where we left off without reteaching...or minimal if needed. I'll be creating a test to see just how much reteaching (if any) will need to be done before we get back into the curriculum.

Janice commented on May 30, 2014

This is so cool! I wish I'd have seen this last week as I would have done this for my three braille students. I can tell you put a lot of thought (and time) into this. How much time did you spend on this? Do you think the parent will follow through? What are your expectations of the student when they return in the fall?