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Activity and strategy

Review Card for Braille Contractions

This braille activity invites students to match braille contractions to the uncontracted form.

This review card is designed to help students to independently match braille contractions to the uncontracted word. By using clothespins and a sturdy piece of cardboard, the student can do this task independently and it can be sent home as practice for homework.   It has a secondary goal of helping to develop fine motor coordination.  The student I made this for doesn’t have much hand strength, so this activity hopefully can help her with this.
  • braille page with alphabet contractions spelled out in random order
  • wooden clothespins (ones pictured are medium sized) with braille contractions on them
  • Once the card and clothespins have been created, ask the students to match the braille contraction on the clothespin to the uncontracted word on the clothespin.
  • other contraction combinations
  • number words/numbers

Activity to Review Braille Contractions

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