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Activity and strategy

Roll and Read

Engage beginning readers in this reading game for braille users and their friends!

The Roll and Read activity is great for increasing reading accuracy and fluency. 
  • braille paper
  • puffy paint
  • dice
  • Students read and re-read six sentences or word sets on a sheet prepared by the teacher.
  • The student rolls the dice and reads the item that corresponds with the number on the sheet.
  • This activity can be made using word family sets such as the “ea” pattern, vowel patterns such as the short “i”, or high frequency words. 
  • The teacher can work on the activity as a one-on one guided practice with the student, or students can work in pairs, taking turns rolling the dice and reading the corresponding sentence or word.
  • The print and the braille on the Roll and Read sheet allow all types of learners to participate in the activity.

roll and read collage


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