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Activity and strategy

School Year Journal

Encourage your students who are blind or visually impaired to write using these school journal ideas

My 3rd grade student liked her summer journal activity so much that she asked if we could continue this for the school year. She does not like the writing piece that goes along with the Patterns curriculum we’re using and sometimes it’s ‘work’ to get her to do that part of the lesson.
We’ll continue to use the journal idea for her writing piece pulling in aspects of the Patterns curriculum where we can. The goal is to make writing fun and not a labor-intensive task as they learn braille. We want them to want to write. With that in mind, I will do whatever it takes to get her to write…
I think of a prompt for each day and we read it together on the calendar.  Even these are now from a number of years ago, we are sharing them here as a springboard to help you think of your own ideas that might interest your students.
september calendaroctober calendar
december calendarjanuary calendar
school year journal collage



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