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Activity and strategy

Sight Word Parking Lot

This game gives braille readers and other students a chance to practice reading sight words.

The Sight Word Parking Lot provides students with an engaging way to practice word recognition skills. This activity can be played with a teacher and a student or used in centers where students play with each other. Students with or without visual impairments can benefit from the Sight Word Parking Lot. 
  • a white board
  • puffy paint
  • marker 
  • book laminate for braille labels
  • a few small cars
  • This activity has the student “park” a toy car in a parking space matching a particular word provided by the teacher.
  • Teachers select several high frequency words students are likely to encounter in the texts they are reading and write and/or braille these items around the edge of a board.
  • The game gives the student multiple exposures to the same words, which helps to build speed and confidence in recognizing high frequency words. 
  • This activity could be easily adapted to provide additional practice with contractions, letter recognition, or even numerals.


Sight word parking lot collage


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