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So Many Things Are Red: Animated PowerPoint Activities for Students with CVI

These PowerPoint activity lessons are designed to work on basic concepts with students with CVI (cortical / cerebral visual impairment). Colors, numbers, shapes, size, and common objects are included in this animated slide show.

and Patrice Bucheli


We put together this PowerPoint for our students with CVI and it was used based on a student’s CVI Range Score.  The goal was to provide 2-D images and concepts that allowed us to work on a variety of lessons to discuss salient features and comparative language.  

Using PowerPoint Features to Adapt Lessons for Students with CVI

We wanted to have something that used their preferred color (red), along with movement (using the animation feature on PowerPoint) and slides with increasing complexity.  In addition, we used the glow feature in PowerPoint to outline words and shapes, following bubbling concept that has been recommended by Dr. Christine Roman to help to draw attention to the shape.

Concepts Addressed

These were designed so that we can use as few or as many of the progressions as makes sense for our students.  The progressions in the book were also meant to supplement or add an additional activity to a lesson.   We focused on simple counting and numbers, as well as identification of some basic shapes and images.  The students have been working on basic concepts, such as big and little, as well as identification of colors, shapes, and real objects using actual items from their environment prior to the introduction and of this PowerPoint activity.   

We also wanted to set up something that could be controlled with a switch, so that the students are able to advance the slide independently.   
The slides below are just a very small sample from our PowerPoint.  We hope you’ll take a look, as the animation and movement really add a lot! 

So many things are red

1 red circle  1 Red Ball

Find the Red Ball  Find the Red Ball

Find the Red Ball  Find the Little Red Balls

Red Number 1  Find the Red Number 1

1 Red Elmo  Find Elmo

Find Elmo  How many of Elmo do you see?

Red Number 2Find the Red Number 2


Collage of so many things are red

Colored illustration of animals with alphabet letters A, B, C, D
Activity and strategy

Alphabet Objects


Ideas for Teaching Tracking and other Tactile Skills

A girl sitting on a swing
Tips and guides

Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration for Children with Visual Impairment