Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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valentine's day braille collage

Braille Designs for Valentine's Day

By Edith West
These braille designs of hearts are a fun project for Valentine's Day!

Unicorn Braille Design

By Suzy Blackham
This unicorn braille design was created for a student who loves unicorns. Suzy Blackham has shared with us the instructions for others to also enjoy a little unicorn magic.
Modified Candy Land pieces

Modificando el Juego “Candy Land” para Jugadores Ciegos o Sordociegos

By Liamsmom
Modificando el juego “Candy Land” para jugadores ciegos o sordociegos
A young boy examines a toothbrush

El Libro del Baño de José: Un Libro de Objetos para la Alfabetización Temprana

By Charlotte Cushman
Un libro de objetos para la alfabetización temprana
picture of hamburgers

Creating Independence When Ordering at a Restaurant

By Liz Eagan
This TVI rewards her adult student by going to a restaurant to encourage her using a communication device. This life skill enables the student to order her food using a individualized menu.
A teacher uses a Pen Friend on a story bucket

Creating a Christmas Story Bucket Using Pen Friend

By Kathryn Sedarati
Learn how to create your own story bucket for the holidays using voice output to motivate children.
3 paper Christmas trees

Marble Paint Roll Christmas Fun

By Liz Eagan
Marble paint rolling is a fun arts and crafts project which can be done for any holiday or any time at all!
Braille design of a polar bear's head

Braille Design of a Polar Bear Face

By Edith West
This braille design of a polar bear face is a fun way to practice braille literacy skills with students who are blind or visually impaired. Great for science or for Christmas or Hanukkah greetings!
Tactile turkey with sandpaper body and textured feathers

Tactile Turkeys

By Liz Eagan
This Thanksgiving craft is designed to give students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities, practice with fine motor skills and tactile discrimination.
Cover of Numbers Book

Creating a Numbers Book for a Student with Low Vision

By Liz Eagan
This numbers book was created for a student with low vision who is working on number recognition.
Metal bucket with bells and pompoms inside

Cubeta Táctil Divertida

By Kimberly Schildbach
Cubeta táctil divertida is a Spanish translation of "Tactile Fun Bucket".
Coloring in the jack-o-lantern

Adapting Coloring Pages for Students with Low Vision

By Liz Eagan
Coloring pages can be adapted with textured shapes, as well as hot glue and puff paint, to make them more accessible for children with low vision or visual impairments.
World map with tactile overlays

Interactive Tactile World Map

By Lana Schorvitz
World maps can be adapted to make them accessible to students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind by adding braille, tactile overlays, and tactile indicators marking boundaries, rivers, etc.
Student writing on sand tray

Letter Formation and Handwriting

By Liz Eagan
A kinesthetic approach to letter formation and writing using Montessori materials and adaptations for low vision can help children with visual impairments to make progress with handwriting skills.
An embossed 6 by 7 grid with tactile stickers in the shape of stars and happy faces placed on the grid as game pieces.

Four in a Row Adaptation for Tactile Learners

By barrettv
This tactile version of the classic Four in a Row game, or Connect 4, makes it easier for our tactile learners to orient themselves to the ever changing game board.
Ziplock baggie with tree branch inside

Haciendo Tu Propio Libro de Experiencias en Bolsitas

By Doreen Bohm
Haciendo tu propio libro de experiencias en bolsitas is the Spanish translation of Make Your Own Baggie Experience Book.
Tactile symbols with print and braille labels for underwear, pants, shirt, and socks

Dressing Book for Teenager with Multiple Disabilities

By Karen Epley
This book uses tactile symbols, braille, and print to provide support and structure to a teenager who is blind with autism to get dressed independently.
Task boxes

Setting Up Task Boxes to Encourage Independence

By Liz Eagan
Activities can be set up in individual plastic bins for children to do independently.
Cover of "My Color Book" with title and circles of various colors

My Color Book

By Liz Eagan
This homemade book is designed to give children practice identifying colors, including matching colors, naming colors, and identifying pictured items.
Left hand holding tub of mayonnaise and right hand placing knife in tub with piece of toast in foreground

Spreads and How to Spread Them

By Dwila Nixon
Step-by-step instructions for individuals with visual impairment to learn to spread items such as margarine or butter on toast