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Apple A Shortform Braille File Folder Game

Apple shortform game

Need a way to practice the "a" shortforms? This free resource is easy to download, print, and add to a file folder for a quick and fun way to review or teach the "a" shortforms.



List of UEB Shortforms Starting with the Letter "A"

  • about"About" in braille shortform
  • above
  • according
  • across"Above" in braille shortform with simbraille
  • after
  • afternoon"according" with braille shortform in SimBraille
  • afterward
  • again
  • against
  • almost
  • already
  • also
  • although
  • altogether
  • always


The full list of braille short forms in UEB can be found in The Rules of Unfied English Braille, Appendix 1, p. 229



  • Copy apples and paste simulated braille copies onto file folder.
  • Paste "Play" and "Answer Key" and a small envelope to back of folder.
  • Laminate both folder and print apples.
  • Add actual braille to apples on folder.
  • Either add Velcro or make slits on folder for paper clips.
  • For tactual reading, keep the pictures in a line. Add tactual lines or a line of velcro under the brailled words. Stair-step the lines from left side to right side of the folder for ease of refolding the file folder.


The example here shows three of the UEB braille shortforms beginning with the letter a:  about, above, and according.  Each one shows the braille shortform in SimBraille, printed text of the shortform, and the full word in printed text.


Apples with SimBraille shortforms  Apples with braille shortform in print  Apples with printed words about, above, according



  • Easiest/Dual Media introduction: Use vision to match the simulated braille to the print.
  • Harder: Hide file folder under tray. Have student feel for the word on the folder and find the print version visually.
  • For totally blind: Braille uncontracted word on the print words and have them match the contractions on the folder.
  • Slide print version onto paperclip or Velcro.
  • You can find A Apple Shortform File Folder Game at Teachers Pay Teachers
  • You can find other file folder games to practice/learn different categories of the literary braille code at

Collage for braille shortforms

Posted on November 24, 2016
Updated on: February 7, 2018