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Bath Book with Objects

Cover of bath book

This book is designed for young children to use with their bathtime routine.  It's waterproof and is made to get wet!  

The pages can be used to let the child know what will happen within the bathtime routine (e.g. wash face, brush hair, brush teeth).  This can be used to prepare the child ahead of time, so that they will know what to anticipate.  It can be used during the actual bath routine, so that the adult says, for example, "Let's turn the page and see what's next.  Oh, there's the washcloth!  Let's wash your face."  The book can also be read afterwards to talk about bath time and review the routine.

To Make the Book

Real items associated with bathtime are attached to plastic mesh grid pages using a pipecleaner and held together with a simple metal ring.  This makes it easy to add or remove pages.

The child's name can be written on the cover using brightly colored yarn.


  • Plastic mesh pages, such as those sold at craft stores for cross stitch or through other suppliers
  • Metal book rings
  • Pipecleaners to attach items to pages
  • Bathtime objects, such as a washcloth, bar of soap, bath toy or rubber duck, brush, comb, toothbrush


Washcloth in bath book

Rubber duck in bath book

Hairbrush in bath book

Comb in bath book

Toothbrush in bath book


Collage of bath book with objects

Posted on January 12, 2021
Updated on: February 7, 2022