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Braille Designs for Valentine's Day

valentine's day braille collage

NOTE:  One heart design was UEB updated by Kristine Peterson

We hope you'll enjoy these braille Valentine's Day designs!  Click on an image to open the directions of how to create it in braille.  This is a fun holiday project for braille users  The designs are a heart and a double heart.


valentine heartdouble valentine heart


Find out what size paper to use.

If you would like to help us get our braille designs UEB updated or have new braille designs you would like to contribe please contact us. We offer a continuing education hours certificate.

Thanks again to Kristine Peterson who helped with the single heart design.


Where are the text instructions?

Posted by Allison H

Valentine directions

Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Got It

Posted by Allison H

Posted on January 23, 2022
Updated on: January 23, 2022

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Allison H commented on February 9, 2018

Ah. I get it. It was user error... sorta. It was more that clicking on the pictures didn't work quite as I expected. I was thinking they would open up a link to instructions, but in my browser, it actually downloaded the instructions to my comp as a pdf file. Which I hadn't thought to check for. That's a browser setting on my end, but I was expecting something else, so didn't think of that possibility. Anyway, I now have the instructions and they read fine. Thanks for helping me rethink!

Charlotte Cushman commented on February 8, 2018

Try clicking on the images of the different Valentine drawings and the PDFs of the directions will open:

Allison H commented on February 8, 2018

Am I missing the text directions? A former student of mine asked how to braille a heart for Valentine's Day so I Googled & came across this article. Are there nonvisually accessible instructions? I clicked on the pictures as the directions describe, but not finding it. Just a link about paper size. Am I missing something? I fully admit it may be user error, but some additional instructions would be appreciated. Thanks!