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Interactive Bulletin Board - October

Interactive bulletin board

This is another activity based on "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything" by Linda Williams.  It is a pre-literacy activity using technology to build auditory, listening comprehension, sequencing, and vocabulary skills. It is intended for pre-readers with limited verbal skills.


  • iPad 
  • TapSequence Plus App
  • Green digital recorders from APH
  • Shoes, pants, shirt, gloves, hat, pumpkin head


To prepare activity:

  • Set up bulletin board with objects from the story
  • Record name of objects and the sound they made in the book on the digital recorders ("The shoes went stomp, stomp"). 
  • Record the story using TapSequence Plus, one page for each "tap" so a tap is like turning a page. 
  • Within the story, when a new piece of clothing or pumpkin head is introduced, make the next tap say "find the ________"


The activity in action!

  • Allow the kids to take turns tapping the iPad to read the story.  
  • When they come to the "find the ___________", have them explore the bulletin board and find the item.
  • Let them check their answer by using the digital recorder


  • Allow the kids to record on digital recorders and match the recorder to the object on the bulletin board.
  • Have a scarecrow close by to show them the ending of the book.
  • Put digital recorders on clothes with velcro so they can be removed and kids can sequence the sounds.
  • Use Braille labels in place of recorders for readers.

Interactive Halloween Bulletin Board

Posted on October 16, 2014
Updated on: October 12, 2018