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Making Table Centerpieces for the Holidays

Table centerpiece

I wanted to do a craft activity with a student I work with in her home. Typically we do a cooking activity or chores around the home. She's done an amazing job, so I thought we'd end the year with a craft as a reward. 

I brought in the flocked snowy pine picks. My thought was to make them into hanging ornaments that she could give out as gifts.  Good idea, right?  Nope! My student's mother showed me a table centerpiece she had made a few years ago that was falling apart. The next thing I knew, my student tore the items off the tray and showed me how she could arrange the items I brought.  The student became the teacher...   I LOVE IT!

I dug through boxes at home, shopped at the dollar store, Dollar General, and Family Dollar and located more items that she could use in her table centerpieces. I bought two more serving trays, as she planned to make three trays. 

On the day of the crafting we pulled all items out of the over-sized box I brought and my student explored the items. She'd never used a hot glue gun before, so I gave her a brief introduction. She then took over and I became her assistant. She was very focused as she decorated...moving items around until she was happy with the final placement.   

Arranging the pine boughs  Arranging the pine boughs


Using the hot glue gun  Placing items in centerpiece

Arranging the centerpiece  Finished centerpiece

Once the centerpieces were done, she then wrote on cards for each recipient.  

Printed card, signed "Love, Cheyenne"

I learned several things about this student through this craft activity: 

  1. She is a highly creative and thoughtful young lady.
  2. This could possibly be a hobby/career for her.
  3. This would be sustainable by her family.

Collage of making our own holiday centerpiece

Posted on December 23, 2019
Updated on: December 23, 2019