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Suggested List of Story Boxes for Young Children

A list of books and contents of story boxes recommended for young children who are blind or visually impaired


Blueberries for Sal

Cover of Blueberries for Sal

by Robert McCloskey, Puffin Books.
Contents: Large pail, small pail, berries to cover large pail bottom, (4) berries to clunk in small pail.

Bye-Bye, Blankie

Cover of Bye-Bye Blankie

by Bonnie Worth, Western Publishing Co., Inc.
Contents: Blanket, pillow, teddy bear.

The Foot Book

Cover of The Foot Book

by Dr. Seuss, Random House.
Contents: Slippers, towels, cotton balls, toy clown, big shoes, small shoes.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Cover of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

by Laura Joffe Numeroff, Harper & Row (also on tape).
Contents: Cookie, cup, milk container, straw, mirror, scissors, dust broom, sponge, blanket, pillow, crayons, tape, paper.

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow

Cover of The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

by Shirley Neitzel, Scholastic Press.
Contents: Red wool hat and scarf, zippered jacket, sweater, boots, long underwear, socks, jeans.

Additional Suggestions

Bathtime by M. Roffey, Four Winds Press.
Contents: Clothes, bathrobe, towel, face cloth, soap, pajamas, story book, pillow.

Ben’s Gingerbread Man by N. Daly, Viking-Penquin.
Contents: (2) gingerbread men, small box, rolling pin, bowl, spoon.

Jennifer’s Messes by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind
Contents: Cheerios, barrettes, (2) coins, comb, pencil, keys, doll purse, pretzel.

Giggle-Wiggly, Snickety Snick by R. Supraner, Parents’ Magazine Press
Contents: Hard, soft, bumpy, smooth, tickly, sharp, sticky, stretch, cold, hot, crunchy, squishy, fluffy, curly, straight.

Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, HarpercollinsPublishers and Nation Braille Press Inc. (print/braille).
Content: balloon (mylar) picture frame, three plush bears, doll house, furry mouse, bowl, plush kittens, mittens, toy phone, clock, socks, comb, brush, star shape.

Hello Kitty’s Bedtime Search by S. Bright, Random House.
Contents: Socks, necklace, tee shirt, blanket, pillow, crayons, tape, paper.

Listen To The Rain by Bill Martin, Jr., National Braille Press, Holt & Co.l, (Print/Braille).
Contents: Tape of rain sounds, raincoat, boots. 

Rolly Polly Man by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind.
Contents: Play Doh.

Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola, National Braille Press (Print/Braille).
Contents: Pasta, pot with lid, bowl, fork.

Suppertime with Frieda Fuzzypaws by Cyndy Skekeus
Contents: Cookies, plate, cup, pasta, paper, crayon, paper cookie.

Teddy and The Mice by Brian Ax, Terry’s Friend’s Series, (Board Book).
Contents: Small wagon or dump truck, blocks, mice, nuts, teddy bear.

The Gingerbread Man A Pudgy Pals Board Book.
Contents: Household objects that make sounds, broom, spoons clinking, door slamming, eating raw carrots or celery, slurping pudding, footsteps, telephone.

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper, Platt & Munk Publishers.
Contents: Dolls, balls, toy engine, sailboats, toy animals, clown.

The Longest Noodle by Suzette Wright, American Printing House for the Blind.
Contents: Noodle, fork, shoelace, jump rope, ribbon, yarn.

The Saucepan Game by J Ormerod, Lee & Shepard Books.
Contents: Pan with a lid, stuffed toy cat.

The Sweet Smells of Christmas by Patricia Scarry, (Scratch & Sniff), Golden Press
Contents: Cinnamon, pinecone, candy cane, spirit of peppermint, ginger, cocoa.

The Three Little Kittens by Kate Gleeson, Golden Books.
Contents: (3) kittens, (3) small pie tins, soap, mittens, optional clothesline and clips.

The Three Little Pigs, Golden Sound Story, Golden Books.
Contents: Brick, sticks, hammer, straw

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