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Activity and strategy

Tactile Tangrams

This tactile tangrams activity is a great prebraille or math activity for students with visual impairments.

Tactile tangrams

While walking through Barnes and Noble, I noticed this gem for $5.99 with a 30% discount…10% more for having a membership. I promptly bought several. I brought them home and added texture to the shapes. If there were two shapes that were the same size, I used the same texture. Different sizes or shapes were different in texture. I utilized textured paper, the Xyron sticker maker machine. It took longer for me to decide on the textures then it did to make each of the shapes textured. 

Magnetic tangram set
Magnetic tangram set

I plan to use this as a prebraille activity for a student and the classroom teacher can also use it in her math instruction.

tactile tangrams
Tactile tangrams
tactile tangrams collage

Painted wooden red, white, and blue stars
Lessons and materials

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Two craft flowers

Planting Rainbows

The Love Bugs cover with the title and textured hearts.

Love Bugs Book