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Activity and strategy

Talking Typer Tracking Forms

Tracking forms to go along with the Talking Typer to document progress with students who are visually impaired.

I created forms to go along with the Talking Typer to document student progress. I have found this very handy to send home with progress notes and such throughout the school year. I have a LP (large print) one that I made for a student to keep track of the lessons herself as she was doing the lessons at home on her own so we could work on MS Word activities during our lesson time.

I also created a reteach page for when the student did not pass the individual lesson with the predetermined percent of mastery. We then would discuss how many times the student would redo the lesson before moving on…never more than 4. We would either work on it immediately, send it home as homework, or embed it into a later lesson.


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End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

Student wrtiing on an adapted handwriting paper with four lines and highlighted
Activity and strategy

Finding the Right Paper

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Activity and strategy

Creating Boom Cards for Our Students with Visual Impairments