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Teaching Place Value Using a Tactile Graphical Organizer

Tips to teach place values to children who are blind or visually impaired using a tactile graphical organizer

Here is a super method for teaching place value to kids who are blind. Math activities for blind students are some of my favorite lessons to plan!

I used a large piece of cardboard and three varying textured papers I bought at Hobby Lobby to create a tactile graphical organizer for Madilyn. Each textured space represents a place value. The example shown below teaches hundreds, tens, and units.  By combining this tactile organizer board with base ten blocks, you will create a multi-sensory learning approach to teaching the concept of place value to students with visual impairments.


  • cardboard
  • textured paper
  • base 10 blocks


If you make your own tactile graphical organizer, we’d love to see some pictures and hear how it went! Please share your ideas and comments with us in the comments below.

Get creative!  There are many other ways to use this board in other lessons, too, meaning it’s time well spent on creating this simple & cheap DIY tactile graphical organizer.

Collage of teaching place value using a tactile graphic organizer

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