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Activity and strategy

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments About the Role of Police

Activities for students with visual impairments to learn about the role of the police

Last week my 3rd grade student mentioned something she had overheard on the news to the effect that police are bad. We discussed how they are being perceived as bad and that people are being mean to them. Then my 1st grade student mentioned that they (police) were being hurt. My 3rd grade student then suggested we tell them “thank you”. Hence the project. 

Both students brailled their letters and my first grade student determined what textures to use in making the police badge. My 3rd grade student used the PIAF (a tactile image maker) to create a part of the image.

police officer letter
Braille letter to police officers


Dear Police Officers,

Thank you for being supportive to our city by protecting us from danger. I feel safe because of you. I want you to know I appreciate you and all you do! I love everything you do! Thank you so much!



student writing letter
Writing a letter to the police
student using PIAF
Student using PIAF (Pictures in a Flash)
Student using scissors to cut badge for police letter
Student using scissors to cut badge for police letter
Student using glue stick
Student using glue stick
student glueing something to the police letter
Student glueing “Thank you” to her card
student putting together police letter
Student gluing police badge to card
student putting together police letter
Student adding “police” lettering
police collage

tick-tack-toe game made of felt.

Fun End of the School Year Activities

United State flag

United States Flag Braille Art Design

Liam using the low tech restaurant book

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