Charlotte Cushman on top of Beech Hill

Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte was the creator and manager of the Paths to Literacy website from 2010-2021. She has worked for Perkins School for the Blind in many capacities, including classroom teacher, consultant for Perkins International in Asia and Africa, Education Consultant for New England Center Deafblind Project, and Digital Projects Manager. As both an educator and trained Archivist, she helped establish the Perkins Archives in 2011, and has created and managed numerous websites. She has worked for Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) and helped to create the Active Learning Space website. She was also one of the coauthors of the Perkins Activity and Resource Guide (three editions), and numerous other publications in the field. She has presented at conferences and trainings throughout the United States and the world.

Charlotte has contributed more than 1600 articles to the site. Rather than listing each of them here, we have selected some of the more popular ones.