Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Accessibility: A Guide for Educators

Cover of Accessibility: A Guide for Educators

This teaching guide from Microsoft in Education is designed to show educators how accessibility features in Microsoft products can be used in the classroom.  Available in English and Spanish.

  • Chapter 1:  Personalized Learning & Accessibility
    • What is Accessibility and Accessible Technology?  
    • The Need for Accessible Technology in Schools   
    • The Challenge: Inclusive Classrooms with Equal Access for All Students   
  • Chapter 2:  Impairment Types & Technology Solutions
    • Defining Disability and Impairment 
    • Vision Impairments
    • Learning Impairments
    • Mobility and Dexterity Impairments  
    • Hearing Impairments and Deafness   
    • Language Impairments   
  • Chapter 3:  Accessibility in Microsoft Products
    • Accessibility in Windows 8 
    • Accessibility in Internet Explorer 11 
    • Accessibility in Microsoft Office 2013
    • Accessibility in Microsoft Office 365   
    • Kinect in the Classroom: Engaging Students in New Ways  
  • Chapter 4:  Selecting Accessible Technology
    • Accessibility Consultants  
    • Assistive Technology Decision Tree   
    • Assistive Technology Product Starter Guide  
  • Resources  


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