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Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky! App for Beginning iPad Users

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Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky! is a new app for beginning iPad users who are blind or visually impaired, as well as sighted siblings and friends.  It is an interactive audio game, which is designed to teach basic iPad gestures and skills through cause and effect audio feedback.  The Bonus Game helps to develop finger drag skills and builds spatial awareness on the iPad screen.   

The story follows the adventures of Squeaky, a bouncy ball who is trying to stay clean for a visit to his grandmother.  Different gestures (touch & hold, touch & swipe) enable the reader to move through the story, getting Squeaky dirty, and helping him to clean up.  There are different types of dirt that he collects.

Using iPad Gestures to Interact with Story

In this game, the player needs to listen carefully and drag a finger along the screen to specific spots of dirt, and "collect" them in the correct order (touch and hold). Then a mini story plays out as a reward and you also score points. Please note that the grid pictured on the screen in the game is only for visual support, and is not relevant to the gameplay for children who are blind. 

Two simple gestures (touch and swipe) enable the player to interact with the story, resulting in Squeaky getting dirtier and dirtier.

Dirty Squeaky

In the bonus game, the player uses touch and hold gestures to direct Squeaky  to collect five different types of dirt in a specific order. This is a great way to playfully develop finger drag skills and spatial awareness on the screen. Note that the grid is only for visual support and is not relevant to the gameplay for children who are blind. Many kids will love the sound effects!

Special features:

  • Engaging interactive audio story with high quality audio (narration, sound effects, soundscapes and song) and simple images and animations in bright colors and clear contrast
  • Fun audio game with finger drag
  • No VoiceOver or reading skills required
  • Built-in speech
  • Perfect for use in an inclusive early learning environment
  • Theme can be easily tied in with real life activities and curriculum
  • Free files from Sonokids website to print tactile Squeaky learning tools (2D and 3D) 

Ballyland Stay Still, Squeaky! is available on the AppStore.

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